torsdag den 15. maj 2014

Early may saw the third album release of Leth's spoken word collaboration with Mikael Simpson and Fritjof Toksvig, Vi Sidder Bare Her. Thus far the release Ingen regning til mig (No Bill for Me) has been received with rave reviews in the Danish press, five stars in Politiken, Berlingske, Gaffa among others.
The album centers around everyday thoughts on aging, travels in trains and the feeling of being stuck in-between situations told through Leth's unique narrated worldview and backed by Toksvig and Simpson.

This week you will have the possibility of catching the trio as they embark on a series of concerts in Aarhus and Copenhagen. Thursday the 15th of may you can catch them at Musikhuset in Aarhus. Friday the 17th Vi Sidder Bare Her will perform at the Danmarks Radio's prestigious Concert Hall. Tickets are selling out quickly and can be found at Billetlugen.

You can buy the album in itunes by following Ingen Regning Til Mig - Jørgen Leth, Mikael Simpson & Frithjof Toksvig.


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An admirer of Mr. Leth's work, a professor of film here in United States. I was very familiar with 5 obstructions, using it in my course lectures over the past 2 years. Just saw Sunday in Hell on the television while here in Europe filming 16mm for 5 weeks for my new film. Blown away to learn it was by Mr. Leth!! Sunday in Hell is not only the most inspiring sports document I have ever witnessed, I feel the work is on par and shares vision with the films of Chris Marker Sans Soleil and La Jetee. I love Sunday in Hell, it gave me chills to watch this, genre bender, so much more than just a documentary.

Is it possible to touch base with Mr Leth? Can my email please pass along? - I would very much like to speak with Mr Leth if not too busy. His work lives in my heart and I've never felt so close aesthetically with another filmmaker. All the best from Richmond VA (by way of Paris today). I've included a link to some of my own work below. All the best!

Spencer Neale
Professor of Film Studies
University of Richmond

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